How It Works...

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Step 1: Create a free account

Enter your email address to register for a free account.

Step 2: Upload your file

Upload the file you want to process. Our system accepts .csv, text and Excel files.

Step 3: Choose options and view cost estimate

Choose your processing options. You are billed for only successful matches and your estimated cost is displayed to the right.

Step 4: Map fields

Identify which fields in your file that you want used during the append.

Step 5: Order summary and confirmation before purchase

View an order summary and cost estimate before you purchase.

Step 6: Order confirmation

After your order is submitted, we will display a confirmation. A copy of your estimate will be emailed to you too.

Step 7: Order status and past orders

Follow your order and view it's status. Most orders are processed within 1 business-hour.

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